Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Special combo for taking you ahead of others

All you want is with us. Lantech is a leading brand in software solutions for you. We have all the solutions for your software need for all the people of this world whether it might be a company or for your personal need. Now we are launching a very special for all of you. We are providing you more than 50 percent discount. Yes unbelievable for software tools but it has been done by us. So don not wait for an offer to expire just grab it now and use it in your development. This offer comes once in while so grab it now and tell everybody about the offer who all needs it like you.

The offer includes 10 products very essential for everybody. They are Phone and Email Extractor Files, Outlook N Express Email Extractor, Bulk Mailer Pro, Yahoo Email Address Extractor, Gmail Email Address Extractor, Hotmail Email Address Extractor, Gmail New Mail Notifier software, Web Data Extractor, Meta Tag Grabber, Advance WebPhone and Email Extractor. All the tools are very much fantastic and recommended tools for all the people.

Phone and Email Extractor Files fetches all the Phone numbers, mobile numbers and Email Addresses from files from formats like.DOC,.DOCX, .DOT, .XLS, .XLSX,PDF, .TXT,.RTF, .PPT, .PPTX, .XML, .HTML, .ASP, .PHP & all other file types. It extracts Phone number and Email Addresses from multiple files in one go.  You need to define the search criteria which is very easy and all the phone and email ids will be fetched. The software automatically removes duplicate entries decreasing your load further. It has the feature of Filtering out the phone numbers and email addresses like you can fetch all the numbers starting with 8690 only and many such filters. With the help of this feature, the users are able to get only those phone numbers and email addresses which are relevant and required by the users.

Outlook n Express Email Extractor fetches email addresses from Microsoft Outlook is known as.PST files and Outlook Express is known as.DBX files. The tool extracts all email addresses from all personal folders and sub folders of MS Outlook such as Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Draft, Task, Journal etc. another special feature is that it also supports Profile selection at run-time of software. We can use the keywords those must or must not be contained in extracted email addresses. Extracted email addresses can be saved in.CSV(Excel format)/.TXT file formats and all other relevant options

Bulk Mailer Pro is a very fast Bulk Mailing tool developed to help to send Bulk Email to a large number of email IDs in a single click. Note that it send email directly to the inbox, not in spam. The purpose of this tool is to make Bulk emailing process fast and reliable and to decrease the cost. It has been equipped with a lot of features to serve this cumbersome purpose. Users can import email IDs from text or excel files to send bulk email in one go. The user can also personalize the email through this product if they want. It is the best tool to send bulk email for an email campaign, email marketing, email promotion etc.

Yahoo Email Address Extractor can extract email ids from your Yahoo account in bulk. Users can give more than one account individually to get the email ids. This powerful tool can fetch email ids from folders of the Gmail-like inbox, outbox, spam etc. and also get email ids from fields like CC, BCC, To, From, etc. The extracted list of ids can be saved either in.CSV or .TXT file for your further reference. This tool finishes the job as ordered by you.

Gmail Email Address Extractor tool is an awesome step towards getting email ids from Gmail in bulk. The tool is very much advanced in its features & serves the tasks very well. The tool has ample amount of choices to fulfill all the requirements of all the user. It works exactly as the user want & finishes it in the given time. Gmail Email Address Extractor is the good software to extract the email ids from Gmail account in just a few minutes for you. It saves your time and effort both. It is very accurate in its work. Manually it takes so much time to copy and paste the email ids one by one, but the tool can extract all emails in some time from your account very accurately
Hotmail Email Address Extractor software is a good start towards collecting e-mail ids from your Hotmail account. The tool ends the work instantly & correctly and provides the details that user wants. This email collector can even fetch email addresses from and has the facility of getting email ids from for the users. The software with its fast speed & accuracy saves the huge amount of time & effort. It is the software to extract the email ids from Hotmail,, and email account in just some minutes for all those who use it.

Gmail New Mail Notifier informs its user about all the new emails that come in their Gmail account. The tool works as your assistant by creating a pops up whenever there is a new mail. This tool actually reduces the workload of regularly going to Gmail to get the information about emails. It keeps you updated with the emails that came in your account.

Web Data Extractor Extracts Data From the Internet, Web, URLs and Websites for you. It fetches up all the data available on the site and makes a table for you that you can save. It is very useful for scraping up the data. You have to enter the URL and all the relevant information will come to you.

Meta Tag Grabber is a powerful tool devised to grab up meta tags from all the Web pages that you want. The software works on the given URLs given by you and extracts data such as Title, description, keywords from them. It even fetches all the meta tags that are present on that web page. This justifies its multitasking quality and showing that it is an accurate finisher taking the least time for it. This meta tag extractor tool has much more for you than just extraction. Users have the freedom to import & dump as many URLs as they want. If you already have a file saved in Excel or Text of URLs then that it can be utilized for this purpose. Even more tags such as Heading, publisher, name of author etc. can be added along with title, description & keywords that are given

Advance web phone and an email extractor is a must tool that helps you in fetching contact details that you would require progressing your business further with the help of internet. This is a tool that helps you in assimilating as many contacts as you want in a matter of few minutes.If you are not interested in internet marketing and would rather like to go in for telemarketing, this versatile application will let you gather phone, fax, mobile numbers from the World wide web which you can then use for contacting people. This is very simple to use the tool and does not require any special assistance.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Not able to send bulk sms from multiple phones see this

Nowadays in digital marketing scenario where people keep checking their SMS after every 5 minutes printing circular, flyers to give to people whose contact you have is nothing less than stupidity. You can send those SMS in just one click, you don’t believe it but yes it is possible now. So how, that’s what the question running in your mind. It’s very simple, you can use bulk SMS sender. Yes, bulk SMS sender sends SMS to multiple contacts. But now you say that there is much such software in the market, then why bulk SMS sender. You think very much right, why bulk SMS sender. So here the reason, it can send SMS not only from one phone but multiple phones. Yes, you read it rightly from multiple phones. It can send SMS from 4 phones simultaneously. Yes, 4 – 4 phones simultaneously. So what are waiting for buy it now?

Bulk SMS sender is a SMS Sender tool to send SMS in BULK for thousands of Mobile Phones from Your own computer. Yes you can send thousands of SMS from your computer via connecting Mobile Phones (GSM Mobile Phones) from your PC. And you can connect 4 mobile phones at time via Bluetooth or data cable as you are comfortable. It also allows you to customize SMS with many fields such as (Mobile Number, Name etc). It automatically detects all connected mobile phones and allows you to select mobile number through which you want to send SMS from PC.BULK SMS SENDER allows you to send INTERNATIONAL SMS in BULK. 

The most interesting feature is that the receivers of SMS that you have sent will get it from your registered mobile number of your phone. Is not it interesting? This software also has feature of add country code as a prefix to Mobile Numbers. BULK SMS SENDER includes many features such as delay in SMS to be delivered. You can load a list of mobile numbers from EXCEL file, TEXT file or manually one by one.     


It works in a very efficient manner. First Connect your GSM Mobiles to PC via USB or Bluetooth and then Ensure PC suites for Mobiles are installed on your PC and your mobiles have SMS pack or enough balance to send SMS. Now open up your amazing Bulk SMS Sender and Wait till application shows all connected mobiles. Now Add or Import Mobile Numbers of recipients’ whom you want to send the SMS. Then simply type SMS text and now send it to whomsoever you want. You can also send unique PERSONALIZED SMS for each recipient's using Excel Data. Isn’t it easy?
You can use it for schools, colleges, political parties, offices, for online promotion and wherever you want to send SMS in bulk from your mobile number. Suppose it is a celebration in your house and you want to invite yours, your father’s, your mother’s and your one more family member contact. You all have to message them with your personal number, how will you do that. Think man think. You got an answer and is not it bulk SMS sender. Yes it is bulk SMS sender. It has many utilities. So buy it now.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Don’t turtle trot your business, use Web email extractor

Remember the good old days of door to door marketing? You used to stand at gathering points across settlements to find out information about people in the neighborhood who might turn into your prospective clients given time. How things have changed, though! Today, unless you want to stay at a pace of growth that would be more suited to the middle ages, door to door marketing, is out of the window. The gathering points would rarely have individuals sitting there anymore since the pace of the World has changed & ringing the bell would probably just earn you the suspicious eye of the maid.

 Mobile phones & email addresses are where you have to ring the bell today & in order to find out whose bell you ought to ring, an efficient mobile number extractor is your best bet.

 In a sense, the World has become far more accessible today than it was at any point of time in the history. This Global village now exists over the World Wide Web & it is here that you can get all the contacts that you could dream about. How to grab them though is a different question altogether. Manual scavenging is highly inaccurate, time-consuming & at the end of the day, you do not have the kind or bulk of intel that you need in order to stay on the top of the highly competitive game of today. An advance web phone & email extractor seems to be your best bet in such a scenario.

      The website phone number extractor that we have with us today is perhaps the best utility of this kind that exists in the present day market. For starters, it is not just one software but a hybrid of two with a phone/fax/mobile & email extractor rolled into one. Then there is the superior method that it has for data mining. You have keywords throw them in, you have an URL throw it in, you have a forum that discusses issues related to your product//service then just throw it in & even if you want to dig into those links on these pages, just set it in. This super smart utility has auto pause & resume functionality that ensures that anti-mining measures put in place by various search engines & websites do not have any impact on it. The same smartness helps it in distinguishing between random digits & phone numbers on the page apart from ensuring that duplicate entries do not take place. The UI is simple & you can even feed in your specific requirements if you wish to get only email ids/ numbers of a particular kind. This gem of a utility apart from being efficient & affordable is also so blazingly fast that 1000s of contact details can get assimilated in a matter of minutes on to readily usable.CSV or .TXT files that can then be uploaded on to any other software or used manually. To top it all, this is compatible across all versions of Windows so compatibility is no issue at all as well.

This then is the ultimate cutting edge that your firm needs to make the cut in the modern day market. Don’t trust me! Try & trust it yourself.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Sort your connectivity trouble with bulk SMS sender

How do I do this? This is the question that pops up in the mind of all those individuals who are asked to connect to thousands of existing or prospective clients in a time bound manner. Continuous connectivity & keeping individuals in the loop is required if we wish to advance our business to the next big level. Doing so manually is next to impossible as you would either miss out on individuals or more likely than not, by the time you will be done intimating them with the latest update, it would already be time to roll out the next one. A bulk SMS sender software is a must in such a scenario.

 You are perhaps already familiar with text messaging software or you might have taken one of those packages where they fleece you in the name of sending messages on your behalf. The one that we have with us today is entirely different from those flocks & stocks, though. For starters, it is more efficient, faster & yet vastly more affordable than any other such utility.Then it actually links your number to the message thereby ensuring that the recipient does not auto discard the message as one coming from telemarketing companies. The next good bit is that you can have either generic or custom message depending on the group of recipients that you are targeting. This custom message can then be saved for later usage as a template. What is even more futuristic about this utility is the ability to throw in links into the message in case you want the recipients to click on them. To use the software all you need is a Windows PC( any version would do), a phone, this utility & a list of contacts(you can even manually feed in the numbers though considering the pace of this software you would need really fast hands).The utility does not stop here, though. Having done the task, it also gives you a log of delivery detailing successes, failures & even the cause of failure in case the message is not delivered.

     Give this utility a go to end once & for all your messaging woe.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Bulk SMS Software A Best Tool For Fastest Communication

Nowadays Setting up a business doesn’t only mean hiring a team of professionals and ensure a great association of your customers, but it’s much more than that. There is an immense require for high-quality technologies and techniques to enable better business process Brand being there is another great thing that needs to be considered, particularly for the small and medium-sized business as your connection with your clients decide your future in the business world.

In order to ensure perfect client communication, you send them e-mail, letters, and call them to keep remind about your offers, services and how you’re the most excellent preference for them. SMS is one of the most reliable kinds of communication tools as 8 out of every 10 text messages are likely to get the response of the addressee. Bulk SMS software makes the work easier for you. Instead of composing different messages on your Smartphone, device and sending one text message at one time, the software enables you to send several messages in only one click.

Let us sat you have 100 clients waiting for promotions and other information that may be helpful for them. You can send an unlimited text message from computer directly using this software at once. These tools come without the stress of sending one by one or missing out on important customers. The text messaging software also enables you to send the message to the mobile numbers with DND activated, that means you can send a text message to anyone you want.

A simple text message on the handset can convey the information without wasting anyone’s time and that’s why Lantech Soft brings to you a fantastic Bulk SMS Sender, enable you to send Flash or standard SMS, to DND/Non-DND mobile numbers. Through this highly scalable and advanced software, you can send personalized SMS to every contact using Excel File Data.



                        Give your business grand occurrence in the target market.